The Rick Turner take on a classic guitar design. Borrowing the profile from our Electroline basses (but shrunk down a bit), the guitar variant uses a trio of our unique single coil pickups, fueled by an active Scott Walker Buffer Booster preamp. Scott’s preamp brings a clarity, depth, and power to the last original guitar model Rick Turner saw enter full production. His experience in design and lutherie has been embraced by many of the finest musicians in the world. Paired with Rick’s pickups, that we continue to produce in-house, it is the perfect 9v preamp to compliment the Electroline Guitar. With the boost disengaged the guitar has a distinct voice and buffered fidelity that grows to a robust roar upon activating the gain-adjustable boost circuit. These full-sounding pickups stay present in a band mix, and utilize a unique slant that makes switching between pickups intuitive and with a focused set of tonalities.

We are offering hardtail and vibrato-equipped models.


In the spirit of the Model 1, these guitars are exploring beyond their inspiration and platform, and with Rick’s signature inspiration and innovation.