Custom Shop

We have always been a custom shop, and so there are numerous variations we have and can make to any style instrument including exotic wood bodies, tops, and backs, fancy binding and purfling options, sunburst or colored finishes, custom inlay work, special hardware, etc...


We have some of the best luthiers offering the finest in craftsmanship, from custom-fabrication, our in-house pickups to hand staining & finishing.

Innovation has always been key for us so we don’t shy away from modern technology. Pairing these tradational techniques with precise CNC fabrication and 3D printing truely makes for the highest quality product.

Each intstrument is already unique, however, you can make them your own with built to order customization while still remaining true to our original designs.

We have long been known for our unusual and often spectacular use of domestic and imported exotic woods. We maintain a large inventory much of which is carefully sawn and dried here in our own facility.

Our philosophy is based in making great musical tools for creative musicians with the emphasis being on the musical integrity and playability of each instrument. When you add to that a unique artistic point of view, an understanding of the history of stringed instruments, and an incredible team of fine craftspeople, you have an unmatched combination of talent and materials for making custom instruments.

All of our instruments are made right here in Santa Cruz, California.

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